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Brer Rabbit Toys

Brer Rabbit Toys was founded in 2012 by industry veterans Marc Shinderman and Mimi Stella. With over 40+ years between them Marc and Mimi teamed up to form a company that offered children, parents and caregivers an outdoor sporting line that could be enjoyed by all ages. Looking for high quality products was paramount in their decision making process and the line was launched in October of 2012 with the inclusion of the unique “Hip, Hop, Grow!” Developmental Guide.

After years of watching and and learning the play patterns of children, Marc and Mimi wanted to include the guide so parents and caregivers would have a sense of what abilities their children should have at certain ages of development. The “Hip, Hop, Grow!” Developmental Guide provides a source to go to with the toy to assist in playing with children.

They also wanted a strong branding look across the line so that consumers could recognize the line on the shelves and feel comfortable about purchasing a Brer Rabbit Toy Product.

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